Sunday, March 29, 2015


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Thursday, March 26, 2015

First Trip to Disney/Legoland

After my 4-yr-old daughter saw a commercial for Legoland in Florida, I was hit over and over with "Mom, they have a hotel of LEGOS.  The bunk beds are made of LEGOS!"  I knew it was cool, but didn't give it much thought because hey, we aren't the kind of family that can afford THOSE kinds of trips. 

Then I started researching one day.  I came across some helpful things like the fact that my job qualifies me for two courtesy tickets from Legoland AND Disney World.  That's a good start.  Then I started checking hotel prices.  Disney's All-Star Movies Resort rooms average $139/night.  That's not too scary.  The price of gas isn't terrible right now, so we could drive instead of fly, and bring our own snacks to save more money.  Hey, maybe we CAN afford this trip! 

We are first-timers though, and it's all pretty overwhelming.  I will happily accept any and all advice you have for our trip!  It'll be two adults and two children, both girls--ages 6 and 5.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wild Kratts: Shark-tastic

Strangely enough, my 4-yr-old daughter loves Sharknado (don't judge me for letting her watch it!), so I'm sure she'll be excited for this!

PBS Distribution is releasing “WILD KRATTS: SHARK-TASTIC” on DVD April 14. “SHARK-TASTIC” includes four episodes of the PBS KIDS hit series WILD KRATTS, two of which are bonus episodes! From learning about the favorite prey of great white sharks, to gaining insight into how dolphins communicate, kids will be exposed to fascinating facts about sharks and other sea creatures in this fun-filled DVD. Animals highlighted in these four stories include a hawksbill turtle, dolphins, a tiger shark, a giant pacific octopus, great white sharks, a bowhead whale, a manta ray and many more.
In each episode of WILD KRATTS, creature teachers Chris and Martin Kratt take kids and their families along on extraordinary animal-powered adventures. The show transforms the Kratt Brothers, creators of the award-winning KRATTS’ CREATURES and Emmy-winning ZOBOOMAFOO, into animated versions of themselves, allowing the real-life zoologists to visit wild animals in their little-seen habitats and showcase key science concepts along the way. WILD KRATTS airs weekdays on PBS KIDS (check local listings).

“WILD KRATTS: SHARK-TASTIC” will be available on DVD April 14, 2015. The DVD run time is approximately 60 minutes and its SRP is $12.99.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Vindles Review and Giveaway

I love candles, and I love wine.  Now the two have now been combined.  Vindles are a wine bottle candle!

I just got the Chardonnay candle...

  • Premium all-natural soy wax
  • Patent pending full bottle design
  • Convenient match holder and striker in lid
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A
  • Wine inspired fragrances
  • Approx. burn time 60-80 hours
  • NET WT. 11.5oz (326g)
It DOES look like a real bottle of wine (a pretty one at that!), and looks nice lit up on my table.

And it arrived safely in a cool bubble wrap pack!

It has a neat secret compartment too.  Where the cork would normally be, there's room to store matches!
If you'd like to WIN one (Cabernet, Chardonnay, or Sangria), enter the rafflecopter below!
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Disclosure--I received a candle for review.  All opinions are honest.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Green Your Earth Blogger Opp


Yes it's me again needing more help promoting!

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Glasstic Water Bottle Review, Promo Code and Giveaway

I don't know if all kids are obsessed with water bottles, but mine are.  Maybe because other than backpacks, it's the one thing they can take to school that's something they picked out and shows their personality a bit.  (Yes, water bottles are now so fancy, I believe you can show personality with them!)

We just got three Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottles.  My daughters' favorite is the "Love Design Pink Flip" (pictured above).  As soon as I opened the box of bottles, my girls grabbed for the pink one and wanted to fill it immediately.  I asked, "what is your favorite part about these water bottles?" and my 6-year-old said, "the locky thing".  Let me explain.  The lid has a little lock to keep it closed.  Apparently she likes to lock and unlock it.  I'm just glad she can do it herself.

These water bottles are very sturdy, and easy to wash with a bottle brush, although they are dishwasher safe.
You can check out more about Glasstic...

Promo/Coupon code--
Use TOPMOM15 to get 15% off the bottles.  This coupon works on both Amazon and the Glasstic Website

If you'd like to WIN three Glasstic water bottles of your choice, enter the rafflecopter below!
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Disclosure--I received water bottles for review.  All opinions are honest.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

Kitchen Frontier Lemon and Lime Press for $1

I'm not good in the kitchen, so I need all the fun and helpful gadgets I can get.  The newest one in my arsenal is the Kitchen Frontier Professional Lemon and Lime Press.  It's high quality, mirror finish stainless steel (nice and heavy!), and most importantly to me, it's dishwasher safe.

It's easy to use. Just place a fruit into the bowl face down, squeeze the handles, and let the juice flow while catching the seeds and pulp.

They're normally $18.50 on Amazon, but you can score one for $1!!!  

  1.     Click here, enter your email to get the coupon code.
  2.     Click here, add to cart.
  3.     Enter the coupon to get it for $1. If it doesn't work it means the deal is  finished.
  4.     Shipping is FREE for Amazon Prime members. Otherwise it's not free 

 Disclosure--I received a free press for this blog post.  All opinions are honest.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Little Loved Ones Crib Mattress Protector Promo Code & Giveaway

I'm heading to a baby shower this weekend, and I LOVED going shopping to pick out cute and useful things for this first time mom.

For the not-so-useful, but yes I must buy it, I got an Aerosmith t-shirt (size 12 months).  She's a rocker mom, so it's perfect.  I also got some sparkly hair bows (practical--no, but SO cute).
For the "you actually NEED this" portion of my gift, I got the Little Loved Ones Crib Mattress Protector.  Some of the good stuff about it...
  • GUARANTEED: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • LITTLE LOVED ONES Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector Pad Cover. Fits standard size crib and toddler mattresses. (52"x 28").
  • PARENT-FRIENDLY: Easy to install fitted sheet style. Cleaning up consists of tossing it in the wash and air drying it.
  • POTTY TRAINING: Toddler accidents? No problem! It's 100% Waterproof.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Protects your child from dust mites, allergens, bacteria, fungus, mildew and mold.
I remember the first time my newborn destroyed her crib, and by that, I mean major diaper explosion all over the sheets, pajamas, her back, her hair, EVERYWHERE.  As strange as it sounds, I felt incredibly lucky to even HAVE an extra set of clean sheets, clothes, and everything else needed to make her and her crib fresh and sweet again.

A crib mattress protector is a must, and it's one of those items that a first time mom might not even think about (I know I was more focused on the cute little clothes than the necessities before mine came), so what a perfect thing to add to a baby shower gift!

The generous people with Little Loved Ones are offering a 30% off promo code for readers!  So check out the crib mattress protector, and use code MOMBREAK and pass it along to other parents.  Or even better, if you'd like to WIN one of their Crib Mattress Protectors, enter the giveaway below!

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Disclosure--I was provided with a crib mattress protector.  All opinions are honest.